Training with Jérémy

Excellence in Training

Our Academy staff, in partnership with club coaches, aims to instill in our young players the work habits, rigour, and effort that are essential in all situations. Our training programme helps them develop high-level technical and motor skills, strengthens their athletic and mental potential, and encourages them to exploit their individual qualities for cooperative play.


Upon arrival in August, all players undergo tests and evaluation by our Academy staff. Based on their abilities, technical and physical qualities, and preferential position in the team, the Academy presents them to a FFF club, even OGC Nice if they have the requested level.
They will participate in the French championships and play official matches with their team at the district, regional, or national level.

The choice of club depends on the player’s level of performance, his qualities and his room for improvement. It also depends on the coach’s vision of the composition of his team. He alone determines the selection for the match. Matches are generally played on Saturday for the U14 to U18 categories, and on Sunday for the U19 and U20 categories. As members of the Academy, all our players are given a license in the selected club, as long as they meet FIFA conditions, which allows them to play matches in the French championship. The clubs generally offer 3 training sessions per week, lasting 1.5 to 2 hours. Usual training times are between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m., Monday to Friday.
Academy Work

Academy Work

In addition to the training and matches they play with their club, the players benefit from very high-level training with the Academy.

Academy coaches provide up to 4 training sessions per week on small or large pitches with the full squad or in small groups of up to 8 players. Based on modern methods, these rigorous training sessions offer specific technical and tactical, personal or collective work. Adapted to each player, the exercises aim to strengthen their skills and remedy the bad habits that they too often developed in their countries of origin.

The Academy also offers physical work sessions, 2 to 3 per week, provided by the physical trainer in the gym. Cardio work, core training, abdominal strengthening and muscular flexibility, the session is dedicated to improving the physical condition and the aerobic and athletic capacity of the player, also through evaluations and tests.

The physical trainer advises, and monitors progress or difficulties encountered in the challenges of surpassing oneself.


The Academy organizes friendly matches with clubs in the region to put players in an opposition situation and help them consolidate their bearings. Friendlies with Nice, Grasse, Mandelieu, and Saint Raphaël in U15, U16, and U17 categories, as well as U18, U19, and U20.

Individualized Follow-Up

The Academy manager and technical director conduct regular individual interviews to assess the work done and the efforts that remain to be produced. Observations are generally based on video analysis work from the last match, which helps launch actions to accelerate progress.

Recording video footage of matches allows every player to analyze his behaviour, visualize his gestures, understand his positioning, and remedy his shortcomings.

Medical follow-up includes regular checks by the Academy manager on each academician’s moral and mental state. While paying extreme attention to injury prevention, players benefit from individualized rehabilitation programmes and adapted physiotherapy care.

Monitoring his own hygiene is our daily mission. Players are invited to listen to conferences in fields as varied as anatomy, nutrition, the responsibilities of a footballer, behaviour on the field and off the field…

An interim assessment is given to the player and parents at the end of each semester.


We invite actors from the professional world, including former pro players, player agents, and scouts, to attend training and matches.
At the end of the programme, some of our players may undergo tryouts in pro clubs only if they demonstrate high and continuous performance in matches all year long. In June 2019, one of our players was signed up for AS Monaco U16.

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