football and education academy

Football and education academy

At our football and education academy, we believe in the perfect balance between sports and academics. Our mission is to provide a successful educational journey tailored to each student’s unique needs and age alongside an intensive football training programme.

Our objectives :

Online School

Our method is specially designed to ensure a successful balance between sports practice and academic achievement.
Players aged 14 to 17 enroll in an online curriculum through their home school or any other platform and study within the Academy’s secure homeschooling environment.
18 to 22 years old students have a wide choice of programmes. They can choose to study a university subject, a job training in sports, learning a new language…

Online study allows each student to learn at their own pace, with the support of our academic educator who supervises their progress and ensures all assignments are submitted to the affiliated online school teachers. This English-speaking educator is available to assist students with any difficulties or questions. Monthly assessments are sent to the parents. 

Online classes are held four afternoons weekly. Laptops and headphones are required for online study  (phones are prohibited). 

Apart from our partner American High School ( ), lots of platforms such as Minerva Virtual Academy, and Crimson Global Academy …, propose online courses in conformity with official academic programmes. They all cover grades 8 to 12.

Études pour Footballeurs
Studies - 2 boys reading - French class

French Courses for Non-French Speakers

We offer French as a foreign language (FLE) courses specifically designed for students who do not speak French. We aim for English or Spanish speakers to start using French as soon as possible, allowing them to immerse themselves in their new environment and connect with their peers. Although everyone at the Academy can speak English to varying degrees, we have created an engaging and practical method to teach French and football simultaneously.

We want every student to make the most of their time in France and to fully experience French culture. We encourage them to connect with the Academy staff, other high-level athletes, coaches, educators, and referees at all times. By the end of their first year, students aim to achieve level 2, mastering the basic structures of the French language while developing their communication and comprehension skills. Upon completing the school year, students receive a certificate of graduation.

French classes are held 4 hours per week, on top of the online academic studies. Mondays and Wednesdays from 2:30 to 4:30 pm. French is taught by the official and experienced Centre International d’Antibes, known worldwide for the last 40 years

Subjects covered include:

Experience Football and Culture Immersion

In addition to the on-site academic educator, some platforms, like American High School, assign an online teacher for further assistance and guidance. Students are graded from A to F and must complete six credits to graduate.

Professional Development ProgramMEs

Students aged 18 to 22 can choose an online course to learn a trade through the CNFDI, which offers professional training in various fields such as sales, commerce, law, computer technology, tourism, photography… Students can also train to become a coach, mental coaches, or physiotherapists. They can learn or improve their skills in a foreign language (English, Spanish, etc.). Students use their free time to study in our dedicated study room, with the support of a specialized educator available four afternoons per week to oversee, coach, and advise them in their studies. Of course we always keep in mind that the first objective of all our students is to become professional.

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